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A wedding video is a great way to remember your big day, and share the day with family and friends that could not make it. Photography is amazing, but adding a wedding videographer can capture those extra moments as they unfold. I bet you never thought you would see granny on the dance floor rocking out to “Fireball” or doing the “Stanky Leg”, but with a video of your wedding day you can capture and share that moment with everyone for years to come!
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Our two main wedding video packages are based around the amount of time we are at the event, and the final edited product. After much research on wedding videography in Orlando we found people are now requesting shorter videos. We offer the 6hr package featuring a 5 minute edited wedding video, and the 8hr package with a 10 minute edited video and a 2-3 min highlight reel (that way you can easily share on social media!). We created the format of these videos based on what most of our clients ask for, but they are all customizable.

Just let us know how you want your wedding day captured in video form!

1 cinematographer
2 camera set-up
5 minute HD video
6 hours of coverage
2 cinematographer
2 camera set-up
10 minute HD video
2-3 minute highlight video
6 hours of coverage
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Capture your special day
create lasting memories
All types of celebrations
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