wedding photographer orlando
wedding photographer orlando
LGBTQ+ Weddings
Authentic Moments, No Discrimination

LGBTQ+ Wedding Photography in Orlando

First things first, let’s talk about who we are and what we believe. We are Kellie and Lindsay, the real deal when it comes to capturing candid and authentic moments on your special day. We have been doing LGBTQ+ wedding photography in Orlando for a really long time.  January 6, 2015 was a great moment in Florida History and one we personally remember well – marriage equality. Because after all, love looks the same no matter how the couple identify or what they look like

wedding photographer orlando
Meet Your Wedding Photographers
Every Detail, Every Moment

When you first meet up with us, we’ll probably shower you with hugs or high fives.  We want to hear all about your love story and what makes your relationship special. We’ll ask you about your wedding plans and the beautiful details you’ve been dreaming about, and make sure we are ready to capture it all.

Then, when your wedding day finally arrives, we will be there to capture every magical moment. And we mean every moment, from the pre-ceremony jitters to the post-reception dance parties, we will be there with our cameras ready.

Just Be You!

One thing to note about us is that we really know how to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. We’re not going to force you into cheesy poses or make you do anything that doesn’t feel like you. Instead, we’ll encourage you to be your true selves and just enjoy the moment with each other. We’ll capture all of those genuine smiles and loving looks that you share with each other.

lgbtq wedding photographer orlando
Photographing Love

Now, let’s talk specifically about LGBTQ+ wedding photography. You might be wondering if there’s anything different about photographing a same-sex wedding versus a traditional wedding. Well, the answer is yes and no.

Yes, some things are unique when photographing an LGBTQ+ wedding. For example, you might have a mixed-gender wedding party or the traditional gender roles might not apply to the couple. But we are well-versed in capturing all types of love stories, so we’ll adapt to whatever comes our way.

And no, there’s really nothing different about photographing a same-sex wedding versus a traditional wedding. Love is love, and that’s what we are all about. We’re not going to treat your wedding any differently just because you’re two brides, two grooms, or you or your partner want to use different pronouns. We’re just going to capture your love story in all its beautiful glory and have fun at the same time.

Packages & Pricing

LGBTQ+ Wedding Photography in Orlando - COSTS & PRICING

You’re going to be giggling and having a blast with us and won’t even know how you got so many great photos. Some of the best photos are ones you didn’t even know your photographer took. We’ll be there to capture every little detail, from being right in the middle of the rainbow confetti canon action, to the matching bowties and shoes. 

6 hours of coverage
2 photographers
2 week turn around time
USB of highres photos & copyright release
8x8 Hard Cover Album
8 hours of coverage
2 photographers
2 week turn around time
USB of highres photos & copyright release
8x8 Hard Cover Album
100 Custom Thank You Card w/envelopes
9 hours of coverage
2 photographers
1 hour engagement session
2 week turn around time
USB of highres photos & copyright release
16x20 Framed and Matted Print
100 Custom Thank You Card w/ envelopes
12x12 Flush Mount Album
2 Grooms getting married
2 Brides after wedding
lgbtq+ wedding dance

Celebrate love

If you’re looking for a LGBTQ+ wedding photographer who will celebrate your love and capture all of the wonderful moments on your special day, get in touch. We’re fun-fessional’s and we love photographing love. So go ahead click on our contact form and let’s talk about your wedding.

Celebrate your special day

LGBTQ+ Wedding Videographer

We don’t just do photography for LGBTQ+ weddings, we also do videography too! Now we can legally tie the knot, LGBTQ+ weddings are always a little bit extra special. So if you’re a couple looking for a fun and candid LGBTQ+ wedding video, look no further. All of our weddings are filmed in a documentary style— it’s all about feeling the vibes! We want to capture your personalities, tell an authentic story of an underrepresented population, and celebrate our LGBTQ+ couples in video form. Check out a few of our past clients’ epic wedding videos!

couples comments
Tavares Pavilion on the Lake - Tavares, FL
Sam & Sara - 5 star google review

“Live Happy Studio is FANTASTIC! From beginning to end they were AMAZING. They were very professional and made the picture process very smooth. The pictures turned out amazing and we received our digital copies in a very timely manner. I hear so many horror stories about brides not getting their photos for months, even years! Aside from their always PROFESSIONAL demeanor and their ability to take beautiful pictures, their value is amazing. I searched a very long time for a photographer because I was on a strict budget. Live Happy Studio definitely gives you the most for your dollar.”


What questions should you ask your LGBTQ+ wedding photographer?

Absolutely! Not only is it a community we are happy to be a part of, we also became LGBTQ+ wedding Certified by the Equality institute. We go out of our way to make sure you feel comfortable on your big day!

We have plenty of suggestions and fun things for you to do! We love natural photography, so we try to suggest things that will make you feel comfortable, instead of telling you to point your toe this way, your arm that way, then spin your head around backwards. We want you to be comfortable and its part of our job to make that happen and this shows in your wedding images, no stiff poses, just happy faces. The key to this is to not overthink it, just enjoy the day!

We certainly do! We have shot all kinds of LGBTQ+ weddings all over the state!
A wedding is a unique and special event that happens once in your lifetime, so we always suggest getting a package with two photographers. Your moments are priceless; having two wedding photographers gives you a better chance at capturing them at different angles! It’s also very useful during getting ready so each photographer can be with one person getting ready.
We shoot around 45-75 weddings every year, we just cant get enough of it.
We go through all of your wedding images and remove any where your eyes are closed, people are looking the wrong direction or granny has her hat on backwards. Then everything is organized for you into sections of your day to make it easier to find any images you are looking for. Finally cropping, exposure and color is corrected if needed, and we duplicate some of the ones we love to B&W.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

At Live Happy Studio we strive to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that honors the unique qualities of our clients and team members. Our dedication to diversity drives us to promote empathy, respect, and unity among all individuals, regardless of their background. Everyone is valued and accepted as an equal, free to express their individuality without fear of judgment or prejudice. Join us as we build a community that welcomes and celebrates all individuals.

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