Maitland Art & History Museum Wedding Venue: Ultimate Guide

Hey, soon-to-be-wed couples! If you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue that’s equal parts elegant and unique look no further than the Art & History Museum in Maitland – one of only 10 national landmark’s in Florida you can get married at. This place is like stepping into another time period – except instead of weird outfits and tight corsets, you get stunning artwork and beautiful historic architecture with a garden party feel.

There are 5 different locations on property to use for your wedding. From the main garden to the Chapel and Mayan courtyard, every inch of this place is breathtakingly beautiful. And let’s not forget about the actual artwork – some of which is so cool that you’ll want to sneak it out and take it home with you (but don’t, it’s frowned upon).

But here’s the best part: the Art & History Museum is totally down for a good time. They know how to throw a party, whether you’re looking for an intimate gathering or a big ol’ bash. And let’s not forget about the photo ops – there are so many amazing spaces to snap some pics, you’ll feel on top of the world.

ultimate guide to getting married at the maitland art center art and history museum

Wedding Sites Available at the Art & History Museum in Maitland, FL

01. Main Garden

Brace yourselves for some seriously beautiful gardens! The main garden at the Art and History Museum is so dang beautiful, you might just forget that you’re in the middle of Central Florida. We’re talking reflection ponds, stunning architectural backdrops, and enough greenery to make even the most city-dwelling among us feel one with nature.

And let’s be real, who doesn’t wanna feel one with nature on their special day? This garden is the perfect backdrop for your ceremony right in front of the reflecting pond and teal painted accent doors. You can take advantage of the natural canopy created by the beautiful trees (bonus points if you spot a cute little squirrel!), or go all out and set up some small bites in this area for cocktail hour.

Wide shot of the wedding ceremony garden area of Maitland arts center

02. Chapel and Mayan Courtyard

This Mayan Chapel & Courtyard is gonna knock your socks off! This little gem is like nothing you’ve ever seen before – the architecture is so stunning, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie (a really cool one, not one of those boring documentaries).

And let’s talk about that courtyard, shall we? It’s like stepping into a secret garden that only the coolest kids know about. The covered walkway is like a magical tunnel that leads you to a paradise filled with beautiful Mayan style tiles and lush greenery. Seriously, it’s so pretty, you might just forget to eat your dinner. The courtyard is great for a larger ceremony or just a great place to serve all of your guests dinner.

wedding ceremony in the chapel of Maitland arts center

03. The Germaine Marvel Building

If you’re looking for some indoor space with air conditioning on property (because let’s face it, Florida can be HOT), the Germaine Marvel Building is where it’s at. It is an open-plan building that’s perfect for letting your creativity run wild. You can set it up however you want, whether you’re going for a classy vibe or something a little more laid-back. Oh, and did we mention there’s a kitchen? Yeah, your favorite caterer can whip up some seriously delicious eats right on site, which means your guests won’t have to suffer through store bought platters. And if you need tables and chairs, they’ve got you covered there too, they have them available for rental right on site. We find most of our couples like to use this space for a reception and get married outdoors, but it’s a great ceremony back up if needed for those Florida thunderstorms!

germaine marvel building sign

04. Rotary of Maitland Event Plaza

And let’s not forget about the Rotary of Maitland Event Plaza area – it’s like having your own private outdoor oasis. Renting the Germaine Marvel Building means you get BOTH spaces, so you can party indoors or outdoors (or both, if you’re feeling wild). We know Florida weather can be finicky, but that’s no reason to give up on your outdoor wedding dreams. This tented outdoor venue has got you covered (literally).

05. The West Garden

The West Garden boasts a truly stunning cement mural by Jules André Smith. It’s like having your own personal art installation, and it’s the perfect backdrop for some swoon-worthy photos.

And get this – the West Garden is just steps away from the Chapel & Mayan Courtyard and Main Garden venues. That means it’s the ideal spot for cocktail hour, when you want to mingle with your guests and sip on some scrumptious drinks.

Our Favorite Wedding Photography Locations at Maitland Arts Center

The main garden has some features that stick out in our minds as great photo ops. We can’t talk about this spot without mentioning the reflecting pond. It’s so pretty you might get lost in your own reflections for a second. We also really love the brightly colored teal painted accents that dot around the garden and the cool doorways and windows. They really pop in photos.

We also love the feel of the Mayan Courtyard! It’s perfect for family group photos or portraits. The ornate sculptures, carved floor tiles and sculpted wall murals create a truly unique atmosphere that’s really cool. We can add some fancy lighting to it and it looks even cooler if you want something a little different. After that we can all hold hands and skip down the brick road to the lake for sunset pictures (just kidding, you guys can just hold hands).

Our Favorite Things about the Art & History Museum in Maitland

  • The 3D sculpted murals in the Mayan Courtyard
  • It’s smaller more intimate vibes
  • It feels upscale and fancy but laid back at the same time

This place really does have it all, you don’t have to be in the heart of downtown to find an amazing wedding venue. If you’re looking for a venue that is unique and gives a nod to those artsy vibes you and your partner have, look no further than the Art and History Museum in Maitland. You’ll love it.


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