Getting Loose: The Best Dance Moves for Weddings for Making Killer Wedding Photography Moments

Wedding photos should capture the joy and excitement of your special day – and nothing brings those emotions to life like an epic dance floor. Whether you’re getting down to classic tunes or busting out original moves, these are the best dance moves to make sure your wedding reception photos look amazing!

people dancing on a reception floor dressed in wedding attire

The Cha Cha Slide

The Cha Cha Slide is a great way to get everyone on their feet, and it’s perfect for any skill level. This 90s throwback quickly gets all of your guests in a line, ready to dance together. Not only does it bring some lighthearted fun to the evening, but it also results in stunning photo ops with everyone smiling and having a good time.

people holding up their arms on the dance floor

The Electric Slide

The Electric Slide is another popular song-based line dance that encourages coordination and creativity with spins and turns. With its easy steps combined with plenty of action for each dancer, it’s one of the most dynamic dances out there – perfect for capturing motion in photos!

bride and groom doing the wobble on the dance floor with their friends

The Wobble!

The Wobble! With its much more involved movements like hip shaking, hopping or twerking, this fun line dance is bound to bring laughter. The energy is high as soon as you step onto the floor. What if you don’t know all the steps yet? Don’t worry – just go along with whoever knows them best and have a blast!

bride dancing with a group of people

Of course, simpler is sometimes better when it comes to wedding photos so don’t neglect staples such as The Cupid Shuffle or The Macarena. These classic songs will always be timeless no matter the decade. If you nail them during your reception then you can expect an incredible series of pictures that your guests won’t ever forget!

people getting low on the dance floor

The Hora Dance

If you’re having a Jewish wedding, the hora dance is a traditional Jewish wedding dance that has been performed for generations. It’s an energetic and lively dance, usually performed in a circle with the bride and groom lifted up on chairs by their guests. The hora is not only a fun way to celebrate a wedding, but it also holds deep cultural significance.

For wedding photographers, capturing the hora dance can be an exciting challenge. It’s a fast-paced and dynamic moment, full of movement and emotion. Capturing the energy of the dancers and the joy of the bride and groom can result in some truly stunning photos.

Photographers must be quick on their feet to capture all the action – from the guests lifting the chairs high into the air to the bride and groom smiling and laughing as they’re lifted up. It’s important to have experience shooting in low light conditions since many hora dances take place after sunset.

bride and groom being lifted up in chairs at reception
bride and groom celebrating the hora hoisted up in chairs on the dance floor

No matter how you celebrate on the dance floor, don’t forget: practice makes perfect – so never shy away from learning new steps! Combine this knowledge with confident attitude while keeping warmth throughout all aspects of expression – these tips will turn any ordinary wedding shots into extraordinary ones that will last long after the night ends. So choose one (or more!) from our above list now and get ready to take over the dance floors at every wedding.

people with their hands in the air on the dance floor

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