5 Fun Orlando Engagement Photo Locations in Central Florida

With so much to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect Orlando engagement photo locations no matter your style. From picturesque gardens and trails to downtown glamour and lakeside beauty – there’s something here for every happy couple! So let’s take a look at some of Orlando’s most awesome spots where we have photographed for countless couples, and are perfect for getting those amazing shots that will last a lifetime.

As Orlando engagement photographers and wedding photographers, these are our favorite Orlando engagement photo locations.

Mead Gardens

engagement session at leu gardens with couple walking down a bridge

This charming oasis situated in Winter Park features plenty of trees for shade, plus sprouting trails and lakeside beauty for variety on your shoot. Whether you want to explore some of the more wooded areas or just spend a day lounging in the sun – this is one spot that won’t disappoint.

Winter Park Avenue

Stroll side by side along the iconic brick-paved boulevard lined with palm trees, boutiques, cafes and more – picture perfect if you’re looking for an urban atmosphere to add some edge to your photos!

Leu Gardens

This stunning botanical garden showcases over 50 acres of colorful flowers throughout the year making it ideal backdrop for romantic photos together. Plus they also have woodland paths if you prefer something a bit more rustic. You can even take a picnic!

Cypress Grove Park

Known as one of the oldest parks in town, here nature reigns supreme with its cypress trees and Spanish moss draped branches adorning its lakeside landscape! Perfectly peaceful surroundings make this yet another great spot for couples photography sessions.

Lake Eola

A must see destination no matter who you are! This beautiful park has open areas ideal for taking pics all year round plus docks hugging downtown cityscape so you can get that show-stopping skyline shot too! Hey, who doesn’t love a good swan boat ride too?


So there you have it – five of Orlando’s best locations when it comes to engagement sessions! All offering their own unique appeal, pick your favorite depending on your personal preferences and style – we can’t wait to work with you to capture your engagement photos! Contact us to learn more!

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