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After photographing Natalie and Thomas’ Harmony Gardens wedding, we asked the couple to reflect on their big day. We love reminiscing with our brides and grooms after the wedding to hear their favorite parts on their big day. Hopefully, this will also help when planning your Harmony Gardens wedding!

On Keeping Your Wedding Day Original to You

When you’re thinking about planning your wedding day, what should you do to keep it original? “The goal for our wedding was to keep it simple, rustic, and be a reflection of us,” Natalie said. “It is such a beautiful venue that we wanted to compliment the setting.”

We agree when you pick such a beautiful garden venue like Harmony Gardens; decorating is hardly a concern. If you’re looking for a rustic garden or outdoor venue in the Orlando area, you’ll have to check this place out. Plus, they already have a lot of decor, making it quite romantic.

On Writing Your Vows

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Should we write our own vows?” We asked Natalie what they did, and she said, “We chose to write and recite our own vows.” Where should you start if you decide to write your own vows? Here are some quick tips to make writing your vows a breeze.

Consider asking your partner’s parents or friends for advice. It might be nice to bounce your ideas off someone who has been around during your relationship; plus, you’ll get a chance to reminisce about all the great stories you have together. So many questions to ask, “What should I write? What should the structure of my vows be? Should I go traditional or non-traditional with my vows?”

groom picking up his bride at harmony gardens wedding

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re speaking from the heart. If you’re really stuck, try a quick Google search, it might help you find a structure you like or maybe even an outline, but the important part is to make it personal.

Remember, no matter what happens; your partner will love it because you wrote it. Natalie said, “We will both always remember reciting our vows to one another in front of our family and friends.”

One of Thomas’s favorite things about the day was seeing Natalie walk down the aisle, while Natalie’s favorite memory was dancing with her new husband.

On Small Wedding Parties

Another part of your day that involves planning is, “How many people should I have in my wedding party?” They are your go-to, ride-or-die, top-team-of-dream people you want standing right behind you on your big day.

If you want to go traditional, most parties have between 3 and 5 on each side, but if you want to keep it simple, go small. Natalie and Thomas said, “We kept the wedding party small with only a maid of honor, best man, & flower girl.” For many of our brides and grooms, going smaller has several advantages. You can get through formal portraits quicker and get to cocktail hour! Score!


After all this planning, what final tips do Natalie and Thomas have for you?

“Keep the wedding simple; make the day a reflection of you rather than doing what is popular or what others expect/want. Be well-organized in the planning stages, have a day of event coordinator, order invitations from an online company such as Minted, and enjoy the day.”

Did you love the wedding photos featured in Natalie and Thomas’ wedding recap? We would love to be included in your Orlando wedding, too! Contact us to learn more!

Harmony Gardens Wedding Vendors

Orlando Wedding Photographer: Live Happy Studio
Venue Harmony Gardens
Caterer Harmony ‘n Love Catering
Florals Bliss Flower & Design Studio
DJ Pyramid Disc Jockeys
Leicha Hernandez
Mary Alice Myers
Invitations Minted

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