Say It With Green (Favors): Creative Ideas for Eco-Friendly Weddings

As wedding photographers in the central Florida area we come along new trends all the time! The next new trend is… drumroll please… It’s time to plan the ultimate eco-friendly wedding! Whether you’re looking to go big and bring the party vibes or keep things subtle and elegant, there are plenty of options available. It will honor your commitment to protecting the environment while still giving your guests something they really love.

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Outside the box

Think outside the traditional single-use plastic items like cups and straws. Opt for unbreakable or biodegradable materials like bamboo plates, paper bags, recycled glassware, or ceramic mugs. Think about even going to a second hand shop or to grab some, you’ll never go wrong. They might not match, but that’s ok – you can look for a certain color to bring it all together for a more unified look. These options are more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives. They also make great souvenirs your guests will take home after the big day!

multi-colored place cards

When it comes to favors that your friends will actually remember fondly – why not offer potted plants? Plants not only look great in photos but serve as a lasting reminder of your special day. Sweet treats made from natural ingredients such as honey or agave sugar are sure crowd pleasers too. Plus, those who prefer something truly indulgent should opt for vegan chocolates created without animal products! We had one of our vegan focused brides contact a vegan friendly chocolate bar company. The company said they would donate all the chocolate bars for their wedding favors! Their only ask was to provided them with some wedding photos. We were happy to oblige and get them some great photos!

vegan chocolates on a table

Beyond edible delights, consider giving out compostable seed paper cards. Guests can plant in their garden after reading. Handmade jewelry pieces crafted from environmentally friendly materials such as wood or silver are also a great option. Have an artisan design custom pieces for added personalization. Everyone loves handmade goodies – particularly when they come with heartfelt stories attached!

favors for wedding guests
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Don’t forget about eco-friendly packaging options when it comes time for wrapping up your wedding favors. Choose paper or fabric bags/boxes that can be reused many times over by your guests long after the wedding is over. This is good for both Mother Nature and cost reduction in the long run – score!

With so many creative ways you can add a touch of sustainability to your special day through favors, couples don’t have to worry about finding ones suitable for all tastes and budgets. Guests will thank you later – not just because these tokens serve as memorable reminders but also because their thoughtful gesture has helped contribute towards preserving our planet too!

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silhouette of couple at sunset
sparks on the dance floor during couples first dance
3 people in a photo booth at a wedding with props
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Want to check out their wedding video as well? Check it out below! Lindsay and John had such a beautiful wedding at the Orlando Science Center.

Lindsay and John’s Wedding Video at Orlando Science Center

livehappystudios wedding photography in orlando
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