5 Great Ideas to Incorporate Superheroes into your Wedding!

Is it possible to have an elegant but super awesome superhero wedding? The answer for Jamie and David is a resounding yes! Jamie and David tied the knot at Lake Mary Events Center in Central Florida and love all things Marvel Superheroes!

Here are a few ways you can pull off a superhero wedding while keeping it elegant at the same time. Whether you want to keep the details subtle or you’re letting Captain America and Wonder Woman take over, I hope these suggestions inspire you!

01. Colors for your wedding

First, you need to pick a color palette that inspires you from your favorite superhero movie! There are a colorful range of characters the Marvel lineup. Jamie and David went with the classic Captain America color scheme for their wedding. It really pops in the photography! We just love photographing guys in navy or dark blue suits, they look very dapper.

captain America wedding color palette
Captain America Color Palette

02. Groomsmen

Your groom can wear their favorite heroes t-shirts under their shirts for a fun photo op, they can have cool socks with capes, or they can even get custom boutineers and cuff links. Don’t forget the colors can also be represented in their ties, jackets or even their pocket square.

03. Undercover Superhero Cake

Have you ever thought about sneaking in your favorite super hero into your cake? Some might say the colors wouldn’t be traditional, so there are ways to be subtle. Check out their cake, they made it look very elegant on the front like every other wedding cake, but they put a sneaky Captain America logo on the back peeking out.

04. Enter the Reception to your own Superhero Theme Song!

There are so many great theme songs out there, which one is perfect for you? If it was me, I think I’d go with the Incredible Hulk theme tune on the Hulk roller coaster in Universal, it’s so good! Jamie and David walked in to the reception to the Avengers theme song. Ask your DJ I’m sure he can suggest some other super cool songs if you need more inspiration. Or heck, make it a date night at home and watch all the old movies (or new ones) and find your favorite tune.

05. Little Details

Don’t forget the little details too like table decor. This section is something you may want to make slightly more elegant so it doesn’t turn into a kids birthday party theme. Jamie and David incorporated the colors in their elegant table decor that tied everything together! You could stick little LEGO superheroes into your centerpieces so they are subtle as fun ways to keep your guests on their toes. They “marvel” at all your creative choices, see what I did there? 🙂

Jamie and David’s wedding photography came out absolutely stunning. They were a pleasure to work with and we hope we have many more fabulous couples just like you! If you’d like to see their wedding day photography, you can see the rest of the day below.

This amazing couple didn’t want to miss a thing so they also hired us to do their wedding videography as well! If you’re looking for more information on wedding videography click HERE

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