10 Must-Have Wedding Photos

From Getting Ready to Happily Ever After: 10 Must-Capture Moments

A wedding is one of the most important days of a couple’s life, and it only makes sense that they would want to capture every moment. Hiring a professional wedding photographer in Orlando is a great way to ensure all those priceless memories are captured perfectly. So what should you be looking for in must-have wedding photos? Here’s our top 10 pics that couples should absolutely get on their big day!

Bride walking in with her bridesmaid to get ready is a top 10 must-have wedding photo

1. Pre-Wedding Preparations

The first must-have wedding photos are the getting ready photos. From getting dressed and having hair and makeup done, these prepping moments will not only remind you about the excitement of the day but also of all the hard work that went into its preparation. Plus, no one wants to miss out on all the fun you’re having with your friends and family before the big event. Your partner is going to want to see all the fun too. Plus, you’ll get to see what shenanigans they are getting up to as well!

bride getting zipped into her wedding dress by her bridesmaid at highland manor
mom fluffing dress as bride gets ready

2. Intimate Ceremony Moments

Framed shots from your ceremony will always take your breath away no matter how old the photo is! The exchange of rings, reading of vows and of course the kiss, can make for some amazing captures too. One of our favorites is the walk back down the aisle as a married couple; the smiles are so big! Since there are two of us capturing your day, we won’t miss a thing.

3. Group Shots with Family & Friends

It’s important to remember all those who contributed to making your day so special, so make sure no one’s missing when it comes time for group shots! When it comes to group shots, we know how to quickly guide you through all of the usual family groupings so you can get to cocktail hour quicker! Who wants to miss out on those hors d’oeuvre’s you picked out.

father hugging his daughter before she gets married

4. Wedding Party Time

Spending quality time with your closest pals is essential at weddings! Whether you guys are goofing off or getting your posing on point – catch each moment with stories that say ‘best friends forever’ written all over them! We love the silly ones best. Strike that pose you’ve been practicing in your mirror for ages, whatever it is, let’s have some fun.

bride dancing on the dance floor at her reception

5. Couple Portraits

Getting photos taken as a couple is also important on any wedding day– remember to let go off any inhibitions and just enjoy being together while the camera clicks away! Don’t worry about being nervous, we’ll keep you moving and laughing the whole time.

6. Details That Matter

Let’s not forget about the little details either – whether it’s those wooden flowers you had made from Etsy, decorations or something personal like a family heirloom – capturing them will let you re-live the day anytime you need a pick me up!

detail of wedding dress hanging in highland manor

7. Little Guests Having Fun

For parents especially – pictures of little ones actually having fun at the wedding is something priceless that won’t come easily again! So we’ll make sure there are plenty of smiles captured on this part too… 🙂 Oh, they grow up so fast!

8. Food Pictures

After all that hard work getting everything set up… it’s time to finally indulge in dessert and drinks! Why not have some snaps taken while everyone eats everything? Foodie pics make wonderful memories down the line too.. 😉 It’ll give you a photo reference when re-creating your favorite wedding food memories or your wedding cake years down the line.

wedding cake detail at a reception surrounded with flowers

9. Dancing Away Into The Night

All receptions have one more thing in common… dancing till dawn (or close enough)! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure we capture stunning images of both of you and your entourage twirling across the floor before saying goodnight!

10. Signing Off In Style

Lastly, don’t forget about the exit pictures – after an entire night filled with exciting celebrations, wrap things up by walking down a double line of your guests blowing bubbles or waving sparklers in the air and getting into that super awesome exit vehicle. Can someone please rent a Batmobile? That would be awesome.

couple exiting through bubbles at the end of their reception

So there you have it folks – ten must-have wedding photos from getting ready through to nightfall… Let us capture each moment perfectly so you can keep reliving your big day and have some new pictures to decorate your newlywed pad.

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